Learn More About mStorefront

Shopping, purchasing, and account management is now available from any device!

mStorefront combines all the same features and customizations of your Infor's StorefrontCommerce product with a UI that truly transforms your customer's experience.

mStorefront uses a responsive design, which is compatible across all platforms (Desktop to Mobile). Read below to see what mStorefront can do for your business. 

+ mStorefront is “Responsive” to all platforms


+ Full-Suite of Mobile and Web Services to transform your customer experience through innovative design and functionality •Support and Maintenance Agreements provided by Aktion & triMobile •Mobile upgrades available as new versions of Storefront are released •mStorefront uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) that is compatible with Google's "mobile friendly" search algorithm updates •Create a consistent theme with mStorefront and your existing Branding Guidelines (color palette, logos, marketing information)


+ mStorefront is a web-based application and NOT a native application

+ Supports storefront versions: 2.0.200 and up 

+ Runs as a web application within Tomcat

+ The application can be accessed through one URL that will serve your desktop, tablet, and mobile needs

+ mStorefront uses the same assets and data as Storefront (uses the same database, EasyAsk search engine, Storefront Web services etc.

+ Google page view and eCommerce analytics

+ Google mobile friendly

+ SEO friendly and clean urls for browse and navigation 

Learn more about Infor’s Storefront ® Product: Here